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Khair Un Nass the name that really means welfare of humanity. Khair Un Nass started its work in December 1987 and traveling different phases of its journey now holds vital place in the welfare organization of its district (Jhelum). We were registered in 1995 with directorate of Social welfare Punjab. Working in three directions we hit our targets according to desired goals.

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To Promote community Development by facilitating them with better health care, Family Planning,Education, vocational training as well as.


  1. To work for social cause
  2. To motivate people about social welfare
  3. To provide Health services to local community.
  4. To Create harmony among social Individual.
  5. To Provide free Services for human welfare in calamity situation.
  6. To generate youngsters’ ideas to be helpful and
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  •  To work for social cause.
  •  To motivate people about social welfare.
  •  To provide Health services to local
  •  Test
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President Message

Khair un Nass Tanzeem is practicizing its moto the welfare of Humanity . We since 1987 has kept the flag raised given to us our elders. We seek happiness in serving the maginalized . We believe to serve keeping people esteemed, empowered and sustainable .

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Youth oriented activities on 14th August 2020.

Khair un Nass is Known for its youth oriented activities .We Believe that sports
and extracurricular activities are necessary for development and being
positive.The organization arranges different type of youth activities on 14th august
every year. 14th August 2020 khair un Nass Tanzeem organized an event in
Vocational Center.Students Of Vocational center participated in speech and
National anthems. At the end of event Prizes Were distributed in students.

Date: 14th August 2020
Venue: Khair Un Nass Tanzeem Jada Jhelum

16 days of Activism on Violence Against Women 


16 days of Activism on Violence Against Women 
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global Leadership Institute coordinated by the Centre for Women's Global Leadership in 1991. 
It commences from November 25- International Day to end Violence against  Women and goes till December 10-International Human Rights Day. These dates were chosen by the participants of the Women’s Global Leadership Institute to symbolically link violence against women as a violation of human rights.  This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November  29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World  AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the anniversary of the Montreal  Massacre. 
Every year the campaign is carried out at international, national and regional  forums by individual and groups to call for the elimination of all forms of  violence against women by:  
• raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue  at the local, national, regional and international levels 
• strengthening local work around violence against women • establishing a clear link between local and international work to end  violence against women 
• providing a forum in which organizers can develop and share new and  effective strategies 
• demonstrating the solidarity of women around the world organizing  against violence against women 
• creating tools to pressure governments to implement promises made to  eliminate violence against women
Khair un nass Tanzeem organized Two events under the 16 Days of  Activism Campaign from 25th November till 10th December 2020 with the  support of Men Engaged Alliance secretariat Pakistan Shirakat partnership for development. The overall agenda of the campaign was to create  awareness about gender-based violence, provide forum for sharing of  insights from other organizations and individuals, engagement of Govt  official and youth and CSOs to advocate for elimination of gender-based  violence. Where ending GBV remained the broader theme, the Campaign  focused on Prevention of GBV  
• Targeted outcomes:  
• The aim of keeping a specific theme was to set up priorities and focus for the  Campaign in order to achieve effective outcomes. The Campaign created  awareness about GBV. Participants including youth, journalists, CSO  members, activists, Govt official and the public in large was made aware of  the Gender Base Violence. 
• Secondly, Govt official who were part of the Campaign were also involved  and strategies to advocate for gender Base Violence. 
• .Thirdly, the Campaign provided forum where organizations working for  GBV came together and strategized efforts for advocacy of Gender Base  Violence. This also helped to strengthen the local networks.
Activity 1: International Human Rights Day 
Date: 10th December, 2020 
Venue: Sanat zar social welfare Jhelum 
Highlights from International human Rights Days 
Objective: Engaging policy makers, planners and youth as well as CSOs to review  situation of Human Rights in Pakistan 
Detail of activity: 
The event was attended by around 50 participants (25 women, 3 transgender and  22 males). The deputy commissioner Jhelum, Rao Pervaiz Akhtar, was the guest of  this seminar. The ceremony was attended by Miss shahida shah, Amjad gondal  advocate, shazia Nayyar advocate, Miss Msomina, Miss Rasheeda Aziz, Inam ul  haq young change maker other guests. District attorney Muhammad Khalid Rana,  deputy director social welfare chaudhry wajid hussain and incharge Darul Aman  Tyyaba Nasir addressed the audience. The seminar gave an opportunity to all  institutions and people of different societies to discuss human rights. Ms. Misbah  Maqdoom advocate discussed historical status and aspects and presented to  participants 30 articles of UN chartered of human rights.
Dc Jhelum Rao Pervaiz Akhtar has said that international human rights day  reminds us of the rights of all human beings that Allah has given to everyone  alike. In the declaration of human rights, all human beings are equal and everyone  has the right to live on the level of equality. As our dear prophet Muhammad  (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said. District deputy Attorney Rana  Muhammad Khalid explains the most important human rights articles in the  Constitution of Pakistan. He said that the Constitution giving everyone rights and  freedoms of expression. Pakistan is an Islamic State and according to Islamic law,  everyone has the right to live express religious freedom and most importantly  economic freedom. Madam semi Siddique who was presenting the Transgender  community also expressed in front of the participants. She said it's the very first  time I felt that I am human before that we were treated badly. I would like to  thanks the government khair un nass Tanzeem who allow us to speak about  rights. She also explained that in the pandemic of coronavirus we didn't have  enough food but khair un nass Tanzeem and the social welfare department  provided us food. 
Activity 2: Prevention of GBV 
Date: 12th December, 2020. 
Venue: Al falah Community Hall machine mohallah jhelum Highlights from the Seminar: 
Objective: Engaging local community youth civil societies for awareness of GBV  and gender Rights  
Details of the activity:  
Projection of the 16 days activism (Inam Ul Haq ) Youth activist Legal perspectives  of the GBV (Adv . Women rights Acitist )Islamic perspective of the GBV  (Mrs Shahaida Shah ) women rights worker Transgender Leader (Lubna lal) 
The above speakers have highlighted the issue and emphasized that GBV  mitigated only by giving them power to decide to educated and warns them of  their rights All the speakers defined the different perspectives of the GBV .  
Mr inam Ul haq highlighted the theme of 16 days of activism and emphasized that  youth motivation awareness and positivity can play their roles to mitigate the  women GBV . The Transgender leader Lubna LAL also threw light on the GBV that  they suffer from in the society . All the audience played their part to highlight the  theme . 
Printing of promotional materiel:  
Moreover, customized key chains were distributed to the participants of  the seminar  
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